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Our professional painters at Pro Painters Richmond provide homes and businesses in Richmond, Glen Allen, and surrounding areas in Virginia high-quality painting services for interior or exterior design.

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Professional Painting Services In Richmond, VA

As a part of helping our customers understand why our painters are the best in the area, we make sure to explain all aspects of the various services we offer. These aspects include when to call us for a new paint job, the benefits of repainting your property, what to expect when our painters visit, and how to choose the painting contractor that is right for you.

Our Professional Painting Services

When you need an experienced painting contractor in Richmond, VA, you can count on our team at Pro Painters Richmond for a full-service project. We pride ourselves on providing continuous training and other learning opportunities for our painters to perform our services with the latest techniques and technologies. The painting services that we offer in Richmond include the following and more:

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting

Our expert painters have experience working with wood, stucco, vinyl siding, and other materials so that they can boost the curb appeal of any residential property.

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Transform your interior space with our painting contractors whether you need a complete redesign or a few finishing touches.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting

We provide detailed interior and exterior painting services for your commercial property, making it easy for you to maintain a fresh and professional business image.

Color Consultation

Color Consultation

Whether you need exterior palettes that adhere to the homeowner’s association requirements or colors that flow from one room to the next, our trained color consultants will help you find the perfect paint colors for your home.

Cabinet Renovation

Cabinet Renovation

Refresh your kitchen’s image by having our professionals refinish or repaint your cabinets. We can paint them in place or remove the cabinets and spray them in our garage.

Power Washing

Power Washing

To prepare your property for its new coat of paint, we remove dirt and debris from its exterior with powerful pressure washers.

Wood Staining And Refinishing

Wood staining and refinishing

Protect your deck and fence from moisture, insects, and other natural elements with our professional staining service.

Concrete staining

Concrete staining

Add a new dimension of color to your indoor or outdoor concrete floors with a stain that will not chip or peel. An epoxy application can also enhance your concrete’s durability.

Drywall and stucco repairs

Drywall and stucco repairs

We repair cracks and holes caused by water damage, weathering, or accidents, so you have a smooth and seamless surface for your new paint job.

When To Call Professional Painters

Natural forces will cause your paint to lose its luster over time, but it isn’t easy to pinpoint exactly when you need to start searching for house painting services in Richmond, VA. While several factors such as the quality of paint affect how long a fresh coat will last, residential properties generally need professional attention every five to 10 years. Your painting needs will also differ depending on which of the following materials make up your home’s exterior:

  • Brick Exteriors benefit from painting services every three to five years to block their porous services. Our experts can also inspect your bricks for moisture damage and provide maintenance solutions.
  • Unpainted Brick does not require repainting, but scheduling a power wash every few years with our painters will keep your exterior fresh and clean.
  • Aluminum Siding makes your home’s exterior durable and lasts for a long time, so it only needs professional paint jobs every five to 10 years to stay vibrant.
  • Wood siding is susceptible to rot if your paint or stain wears off, so you should repaint it every three to seven years.

These guidelines provide a general idea of when you need our expert house painting services, but we can also fix other issues like faded paint immediately. Exterior paint jobs tend to fade quickly unless nearby hills or trees shade your home, especially if the paint is a darker color.

Weathered paint can drastically affect your home’s curb appeal and, consequently, its perceived value. If you find yourself repainting too often because of sun exposure, ask us about trying lighter colors for your exterior.

However, even shaded areas are not entirely safe from maintenance concerns such as cracked and peeling paint. In addition to aesthetic concerns, an incomplete layer of paint leaves your home’s exterior vulnerable to dry rot, mildew, and mold. Call us for a fresh coat of paint before more severe problems develop.

Cracked caulk or gaps in wooden boards are other indicators that you need professional painting services. Caulk that loses its elasticity and cracks will no longer seal the joint between your exterior surfaces to protect it from damage. The trim that plays a role in making your paint job last longer and look better also requires replacement caulk if there is any damage.

Likewise, shrinking wood creates gaps that let in moisture, promoting the growth of mold and mildew. Regular painting or staining will help protect the wood in your home, but extensive damage requires more significant repairs. Our home painting projects include caulking and wood protection to make your exterior paint job look its best and prevent further damage.

Even without visible problems, you may want to schedule our full-service house painting to update your property’s look. Whether you want to keep up with the latest color trends or just increase your curb appeal, we have various choices to fit your style. Our attention to detail that keeps your home looking new and appealing is especially important if you need to sell the house.

Benefits of Residential Painting Richmond, VA

When thinking about undertaking a residential painting project in Richmond, VA, the first thing to consider is the aesthetic effect. Professional painting can make an old house look new again and offers the perfect chance to personalize a property after moving into a new place. However, repainting your home provides multiple other benefits as well.


Newly applied paint acts as a protective layer that helps your home resist the ravages of nature. Paint prevents precipitation damage and mold or mildew growth that results from excess moisture, plus it prevents insects from infesting your structure. Our professionals can even help you identify signs of termites or other potential foundational hazards before we begin a paint job.


Repelling dirt and dust will also increase the lifespan of your siding. While wood or vinyl siding should be replaced periodically, new paint can add a bit of durability that saves considerable amounts when it comes time to install new siding. Fresh paint can also provide a layer of protection to worn areas of your exterior walls.

Curb Appeal

Finally, home painting jobs are a cost-effective method to improve your property’s curb appeal and value. Professional painting is relatively inexpensive compared to other renovations, but it can produce noticeable positive effects when trying to sell a house. Your home will look cleaner, and potential customers will notice that you put work into maintaining your property. Our professional interior and exterior painters will make sure that the first impression your home gives is the right one.

What To Expect During Our Painting Process

At Pro Painters Richmond, we follow a proven process to ensure that each home or business owner receives the high-quality painting services they deserve.


Before we visit your location, we call each homeowner for a quick diagnosis of the property to provide a free estimate and prepare for our initial visit. After scheduling a visit, our project estimator will inspect your home and work with you to find the best solutions for your full-service painting.

You can choose paint jobs from several different pricing options to find the solution that works best for you. We also offer a color selection deck and professional coloring advice for homeowners who want to change colors. However, changing color schemes can be more expensive because some areas will require two to three new paint coats, and you should be mindful of the requirements of your homeowner’s association.


Most of the work that goes toward a high-quality painting project involves preparing the surface for a fresh layer of paint. Preparation accounts for over 75% of the work in a professional painting job, although other contractors may try to cut corners to reduce costs.

We begin by power washing exterior surfaces to remove oil, mold, and old paint. Then, we gently scrape off cracking or peeling paint as well as old caulking in surface cracks. Our painters use sandpaper to create a rough and porous surface that facilitates the primer’s bonding process.

When we apply primer, it soaks into the newly rough surface to create a foundation for your new paint and a barrier against moisture and other natural elements. You can choose between spot priming or using a full primer coat that offers better protection against sun, wind, and rain.

We repair cracks that appear in home joints over time with acrylic caulk. This application creates a sealed envelope that keeps insects and moisture out of the house and increases energy efficiency by reducing air infiltration.

If your home has other damage that affects the structure of painted areas, we also repair these parts of the property before painting. You may need puttying of holes or board replacements for wood siding as well as patching for stucco damaged by weather or animals.

Lastly, we cover any surfaces that are near the paint site. This step includes placing masking and drop cloths on all doors, windows, fixtures, and ground surfaces nearby.


After the primer dries, our painters begin working on your interior or exterior. If your home has painted brick, stucco exterior, eaves with the same paint color as your home’s body, or wood or composite siding, we highly recommend spraying the body with high-powered paint guns. This process is quick and cost-effective, plus it causes the paint to penetrate any surface imperfections for even coating.

We use rollers and brushes around areas near windows, doors, vents, gutters, fascia, body trim, or eaves that require a different color of paint than the house’s body. To prevent highly exposed areas such as trim from weathering, we use a higher quality of paint than other areas. When they finish the paint job, our painters remove the masking and drop cloths to leave your home as clean as they found it.

Choosing Painting Contractors Richmond, VA

When you want to ensure that your home gets the attention to detail it deserves, it can be challenging to choose between different painting companies in Richmond, VA. Start exploring your options by asking for referrals from someone you trust, reading reviews on trust sites such as Angie’s List, or looking at the local Better Business Bureau website. Better Business Bureau is beneficial because of its Annual Homeowner Survey that ranks contractor referral sources using consumer trust levels. You want to find painting contractors that strive to meet their customers’ standards.

Narrow down your list of painting contractors with good ratings by interviewing each candidate. Try to be courteous, but remember that as a professional service, each business should be able to answer vital questions about their paint jobs before they begin.

When determining which painting company will be best for your home, be sure to ask questions about the following aspects of their work.

Employees and Insurance

Ask if your painting contractor uses direct employees or subcontractors. While direct employees have coverage from the business’s liability policies and worker’s compensation, subcontractors require their own insurance policies. The contractor should provide you with a copy of insurance proof for either type of employee.


You generally want to find a company that has been in business for at least two years. Home painters have a high turnover rate, so contractors with less experience are less reliable.


Find out if the contractor offers a written warranty as part of the application process. They should provide this in addition to the guarantee from the paint manufacturers.


Ask about insurance for general liability and worker’s compensation, as well as a state-issued license. These documents will protect both your home and the workers, so having all of these is a vital prerequisite.


Familiarity with home painting projects will make yours more manageable. Ask for suggestions about colors, materials, and finishes. It is also worth finding out if each business uses the latest technology and industry techniques to provide you with the best results.


As we mentioned earlier, a large portion of the work towards a new paint job occurs during the preparation. Ask each contractor what they do to prepare for their painting services to see which ones may cut corners.


When providing a final estimate, make sure the business you work with provides all of the details in a written contract. Professional contractors should provide specifications such as required preparation work and materials used as part of the formal estimate.

Decision Time

After asking your questions and explaining what you expect from your upcoming painting project, you should have collected several bids. Experts recommend getting at least three bids from painting contractors to compare prices and policies. Lower costs can be part of your considerations, but avoid the temptation of simply choosing the cheapest service. Use the answers each company gave you about their experience, licensing, and other signs of being a reputable business along with their price point to guide your decision towards finding the best value.

Before you make your final decision, check each business’s references. Professional painting contractors will have a portfolio of references that you can call to ask about their previous work and ensure their quality. Be sure to help others searching for their ideal painting contractor by leaving an online review or serving as a reference for a business that performs well.

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The professional painters at Pro Painters Richmond are ready to help you with your next painting projects. We provide a wide variety of internal and external painting services to restore damaged paint, add fresh colors to your building, and even repair some structural damage. Our experts will work with you through every step of the process so that you can understand how each element contributes to your property’s improvement. Our painters are fully-insured, state-licensed, and extensively-trained to provide the best possible service. Years of experience and continued learning in industry technology let us work quickly, safely, and thoroughly on your home or commercial building. When combined with affordable rates and friendly service, it would be tough to find a better painting contractor in Richmond for extensive painting services. Revitalize your home in Richmond, VA, with full-service interior and exterior painting from our Pro Painters Richmond experts. Call us today at (804) 258-4885to receive a free estimate for your next painting project.


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