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As your home in Richmond, VA, endures sweltering summers and snowy winters, its paint dulls and even beings to chip and crack. At Pro Painters Richmond, our local professional painters will help you revitalize your exterior without breaking your budget, provide related services, and follow a strict professional process.

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Why Hire a Professional Exterior Painter Richmond, VA

Your Richmond home’s exterior makes an important first impression on guests, neighbors, and potential buyers. When your outdoor paint becomes weathered, dull, or chipped, you should contact a professional exterior painter before starting a new painting project to guarantee results that leave you satisfied.

Without the proper ladders, safety equipment, or personal injury insurance, exterior painting is both difficult and dangerous. Our painters are professionally trained and armed with the latest painting equipment to safely and efficiently create a beautiful new layer of paint for your home. Use our expertise to find suitable colors and enjoy a smooth, even layer of protection across your entire exterior. As professionals with years of experience, our painters have the materials and techniques necessary to paint any exterior material, including aluminum, vinyl, and wood siding. Certain exteriors such as vinyl siding and shutters require specialty paint to avoid flaking and warping. Painting with colors outside of specific reflection guidelines could also cause your siding to warp from absorbing too much heat in the summer. Our professional-quality paint is selected to suit your unique exterior and protect it from harsh weather conditions.


Related Exterior Services

Along with our exterior painting services, our painters perform multiple complementary services that contribute to your home’s increased appeal and weather protection. We offer the following and more as part of our full-service painting business.

Stucco Painting And Repairs

If cracks appear in your stucco exterior due to building shifts or exposure to natural elements, our painters can pinpoint their cause and repair them before painting your home. We can also fix more severe flaws caused by water damage and mold growth.

Wood Staining And Painting

Your deck and fencing are significant components of your outside space, so we offer painting and staining services to protect them from weathering and moisture. Like with our other exterior services, we use high-quality products that enhance your wood’s appearance and lengthen its lifespan by sealing it away from potential rot and infestation.

Concrete Staining And Epoxy

Concrete staining tightly bonds to your floors to add a permanent color that will not chip or peel. We use special masonry acid products to make your concrete texture resemble other materials such as stone, wood, or leather.

Applying epoxy to your interior and exterior concrete adds a clear protective finish that is durable and stain-resistant. This protection also repels water and makes your flooring less slippery for safer foot traffic. Treatment is fast and easy, plus the epoxy finish lasts decades and comes in various colors to fit with any decor.

Power Washing

With a variety of pressure washers to suit any environment, we can clean various outdoor surfaces, including wood, asphalt, concrete, bricks, and aluminum siding. This process removes contaminants such as mold and oil from surfaces so that they can absorb new paint more efficiently.

Our Exterior Painting Process

Our home painting business has developed a simple but effective painting process to produce outstanding results with countless satisfied customers. Our team members will work with you during every step to help you understand how each part of the process contributes to a professional-quality paint job. Below is what you should expect when our experts visit your home.


Our estimator will travel to your location to assess your property and provide a free estimate for your exterior painting project. They will also provide a timeline and set up a meeting with our color consultant to choose paint colors.


We pressure wash your exterior to remove dirt and debris before scraping off loose paint and sanding areas to prepare them for the primer. Our painters fill any gaps in home joints with caulk and repair stucco damage for a solid foundation.


After priming your exterior for a uniform finish, we carefully paint your outdoor surfaces with high-quality paint products. Then our painters clean up the surroundings and ensure that you are satisfied with your fresh coat of paint.

Hire Professional Exterior Painting Contractors Richmond, VA

When you work with the painters from Pro Painters Richmond, we will provide unmatched local service that fits your schedule. Besides providing exterior painting services with professional training and equipment, we transform your home with minimal impact on your daily life. Pro Painters Richmond is your trusted local painting contractor for both exterior and interior painting. Call us at (804) 258-4885 to receive a free estimate for your home in Richmond, VA, today.


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