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A house does not truly feel like a home until you have added your personal touch.

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Professional Interior Painting Services

Our experienced painters will help you express your style with our professional interior and exterior painting services in Richmond, Virginia. Whether your paint is dull and chipped or you need a change of pace with new colors, we perform various interior services and follow an exact professional process to produce proven results.


Our Interior Painting Services

Interior painting involves several processes, so our painters undergo extensive training to carry out multiple interior remodeling services effectively. Our team of painters in Richmond, VA, provides the following residential services in addition to interior painting.

Color Consultation

Before our painters begin their work, our professional color consultant will help you develop a palette that fits your whole interior space. We will work with your artistic vision to create vibrant designs that set the perfect mood in each room.

Cabinet Refurbishing

Our trained experts can help you enjoy professional painting and refinishing for your cabinets as well. Cabinets are some of the most-touched surfaces in the kitchen, so a new paint job is an effective way to revitalize your home.

Drywall Repairs

Our painters can patch holes in your drywall and repair areas with water damage to restore structural integrity and prepare a suitable foundation for your new interior design. Choose between finishing the repaired section with wallpaper covering, specialty finish, or priming as part of a professional paint job.

Concrete Staining and Epoxy

Acid-based concrete staining gives your interior concrete a translucent finish that enhances its look without having to worry about peeling or chipping. An epoxy will reduce slipperiness and provide more durable protection against stains and water in high-traffic areas.

What To Expect from An Interior Painting Project

With years of experience and the latest industry knowledge, we have perfected our interior painting process in a few quick and simple steps. We include the homeowner in every part of their project to provide complete transparency and explain how each step contributes to a professionally performed painting.


Before we begin, we will send a project estimator to your location to assess your property and provide a free estimate. If you want your fresh coat of paint to have the same colors as your previous design, we highly recommend that you give an old can of paint as a reference or take a chip from your interior wall. Our color consultant will help you identify the color, finish, and type of paint for your desired outcome, whether you want to keep the same colors or choose a new design.


PreparationWe will protect the rest of your room from paint by placing plastic sheeting and drop cloths over your floors and furniture before working on your painted surfaces. Our painters will then repair any cracks or stains and sand uneven surfaces. This step creates the perfect surface to apply the primer, which soaks into the pores of the newly treated walls or ceiling.


As we paint, we apply professional quality paint products quickly and thoroughly to minimize our impact on your home. You can choose between several finish options such as matte, eggshell, flat, satin, high-gloss, and semi-gloss. Each of these choices has distinct benefits that our painters will explain in detail before the painting project so that you can make the best choice for your interior decoration.

Clean Up

The paint only requires a few hours to dry, and our painters will work to minimize any disturbance to your daily routine. When it is ready, we clean the area of all covers and painting materials, sweep your floors, and return any objects to their original spots to leave your home as clean as we found it.


We will perform a quick inspection before walking you through the newly painted space so that you can provide feedback and ask any remaining questions about the paint job. With proper care, you will enjoy your freshly painted interior for years without worrying about repainting.

Hire Professional Interior Painting Contractors Richmond, VA

Instead of using your time trying to paint and spending money on specialized tools that you may never use again, rely on our experienced painters and proven results. We give you a cost-effective and satisfying solution to your interior painting needs without needing to worry about an uneven finish or mismatched color scheme that unprofessional attempts could produce. Our painters also have the required tools to repair drywall to make your aging interior feel like new. When you need professional residential and commercial painting, trust the attention to detail of our painters from Pro Painters Richmond. Call us at (804) 258-4885 today to schedule a home visit from our local experts in Richmond, VA.


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